Triad at 50 – Celebrating 50 Years of Professional Excellence

Triad at 50 – Celebrating 50 Years of Professional Excellence



Triad at 50
Triad Staff

The firm currently consists of forty five staff members, sixteen of whom are architects, with seven technicians and two project managers while the others are support staff in IT, accounts and office administration.

Francis Kung’u Muchiri is the Machine Operator of Triad since 1970. He has worked with the firm for the last 47 years hence is the oldest employee in the firm. He joined Triad through his friend, the late Josphat Kamau to succeed him as the machine operator since Josphat had been promoted to a switchboard operator.

Francis says that what has kept him in the firm this long is the growth Triad has allowed him both in experience and exposure. Though technological advancement and working with the younger generation would have been a challenge to him, Francis appreciates the understanding and respect he receives from both the directors and other employees which makes his work very easy.

Edward Kinyanjui and Paul Okich are among the senior technicians at Triad. Edward joined the firm in 1991 while Paul joined in 2009. Their work involves working details from presentations to the client, scheme drawing for the council to tender and construction drawings.

Like most employees, Edward and Paul note that they have acquired skills, experience and exposure that they wouldn’t have had anywhere else. They enjoy working with foreign practitioners and learning from their experiences and procedures.

Anne Countinho is the PA to the directors. She joined Triad in 1987 after Richard Hues practice closed where she worked as Richard’s secretary. At Triad, she has served David Bristow, Daniel Mutiso and currently Tim Vaulkhard, James Gitoho and Julius Kibwage. Besides her secretarial work for the directors, she also manages the firm’s premises – the Triad House.

Working closely with the directors, Anne states that the free and flexible interaction by the top level management with everyone in the firm and hands on management by directors is the key to the success of Triad.

Nancy Njoki is in charge of CSR in Triad. She joined the firm in 2009. Her work involves organizing all social events and CSR projects of the firm. Nancy has a keen eye on the details of life and values giving back to the society hence the headship for such a noble course.

Caroline Wanjiru is the Chief Accountant at Triad. She joined the firm in 2009. She cannot quantify her growth through Triad in terms of education, exposure and experience. “The firm’s management gives a platform for different views from its people. Annual appraisals and set targets also help in individual’s performance evaluation. Our directors also are easily approachable and this makes working very easy,” asserts Caroline.

The resounding message is the exclusive work relations between the management and the staff members and the growth opportunities offered to the team. Human resource being a key pillar in any service industry, Triad has mastered the rules of the game.

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