Triad at 50 – Celebrating 50 Years of Professional Excellence

Triad at 50 – Celebrating 50 Years of Professional Excellence



From the historic Parliament Buildings, the skyscraper Times Towers, the modern Barclays Plaza to the National Museum and futuristic Coca Cola East and Central Africa headquarters among many others, the common denominator is Triad Architects.

Triad’s design skills extend to hotels, expansion and refurbishment expressed in such projects as Severin Sea Lodge, an expansion and refurbishment project, new lodges at Ol Koruk, Mara Sarova and Mpata Club in Maasai Mara. Also inclusive is the reconstruction of the Ministry of Finance and the Treasury and the IPS Building in Kampala. The interior design of banks and offices also form a major part of Triad’s workload. Companies and organizations such as Shell, Barclays Bank, Standard Bank, the World Bank and the Commonwealth Development Corporation have entrusted their interior design work to Triad Architects in recent years.

Schools and educational buildings have always formed a key part of Triad’s portfolio, with experience in university buildings, teacher’s training colleges, primary and secondary schools like Garba Tula School. Recent educational projects include Teachers Training Colleges at Narok and Muranga in Kenya, Bushanyi and Gulu in Uganda. Primary school projects include Hillcrest Primary School, new facilities for Peponi Preparatory and Secondary Schools and a new school for the Lincoln International School in Kampala. Other institutional work includes twelve park administration complexes for Kenya Wildlife Service throughout Kenya, a new pharmaceutical distribution centre for the Joint Medical Store in Uganda, and the Orthopedic Rehabilitation Hospital at Kikuyu for the Medical Benevolence Foundation of America.

The firm has well over 3000 projects to their name in Kenya and across East Africa in categories of commercial, industrial, institutional, medical, residential, refurbishment, hotels and interior.

We take a detailed look at some of the noteworthy commercial, residential and institutional buildings over the years and in the recent past.

The Parliament Building

Parliament buildings
Parliament buildings

It was the first and oldest project of Triad, built in 1963. Amyas Connell and Thornley Dyer were asked to design the new legislative building by the British Administration. A difficult design problem arose with the administrators as they were looking forward to a miniature of the Palaces of Westminster set in the centre of Nairobi. Connell had to respect their views and eventually provided a miniature version of the Big Ben Clock Tower and when completed it was the highest structure in Nairobi at the time. Additions to the project later included the new Assembly Chamber, fitted neatly on to the first stage building and reverting to Connell’s interest in Corbusian design. Apart from being the seat of law making in Kenya, the building has a strong significance in memory of Kenya’s historical connection.

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