Triad at 50 – Celebrating 50 Years of Professional Excellence

Triad at 50 – Celebrating 50 Years of Professional Excellence



Triad Architects ushered in its jubilee this year, marking 50 years of ethical architectural practice. The celebration has been characterized by a series of events and various activities.

As part of the jubilee celebrations, the firm sponsored a golf tournament at Karen early this year to show their heartfelt gratitude to their clients and partners in the industry for the relationship they have built over the years contributing to Triad’s incredible success.

Also on the same theme, the firm held cocktails with tenants of the Triad House, the firm’s alumni and consultants.They also conducted career talks to high school students of Brae burn, Peponi, Machakos Girls, Hillcrest and the International School. CSR projects were also a part of the celebration plan.

Another highlight for the jubilee year to Triad is incorporation of the first female to directorship. For the very first time in its long and illustrious history, lady architect Cecilia Wahinya, was elevated to the position of partner cum director.

Among the many events and activities are two major highlights: the launch of Triad Foundation and the Triad@50 week. The Triad Foundation was formed with the sole purpose of giving back to the society. The hall mark of the events was the Triad celebration week from 16th to 20th of September at the Nairobi National Museum, dubbed Triad@50 which included exhibitions, talks and a student design competition award ceremony.


Driven by its core values of excellence, professionalism, teamwork, integrity, innovation, creativity and care for the environment, Triad has made a significant contribution in shaping the country’s built landscape and also in the evolution of the architectural practice from the nervous pre-independence environment to the confident post-independence era in the modern state of Kenya.

Triad, along with the profession, faces an exciting future in exacting requirements and expectations to a dynamic market of a rapidly growing economy and the foreign investments the country is attracting. Triad has positioned itself strategically to serve this challenge.

The formation of a corporation with established ethics in practice and organizational structures that commands the industry and works as the market leader for the other small firms to learn, Triad is promising a great future in servicing the built world of this planet

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