Triad at 50 – Celebrating 50 Years of Professional Excellence

Triad at 50 – Celebrating 50 Years of Professional Excellence



The practice is currently run by a team of five trained, well-groomed and dynamic architects who form the company’s board of directors, with a technical support staff of over twenty professionals based in Triad’s offices in Nairobi, Kampala and Kigali.

The directors; Tim Vaulkhard, James Gitoho, Julius Kibwage, Charles Ndung’u and Cecilia Wahinya provide hands-on direction to all the projects in the office, to ensure the highest quality of design and management.


Triad at 50
Tim Vaulkhard

Popularly known as TGV, he is a graduate of Nottingham University with a Diploma of Architecture (Dip. Arch) and an associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects. He is a registered architect in both Kenya and UK.

Timothy Vaulkhard is a senior partner and director since 1978. Besides other projects operations and administrative roles as a director, his architectural speciality is development work. To him, architecture is ever refreshing since every project is like a new job with a fresh experience.

He was part of the second generation of partners at Triad and was fortunate to have been tutored by the founders, who he describes as exceptionally distinguished architects. “Amyas was a giant in the architectural world and an innovative designer, whilst Graham was focused on professionalism. The two founders must be proud of Triad because we have contributed greatly to the development of Kenya. We have produced good buildings and behaved responsibly and professionally to our clients,” states Timothy.

He accounts the success and vast growth of Triad to professionalism, honesty and integrity. “We have maintained our professional ethics in addition to quality and timely delivery within the budget of our clients. That way, we have won the trust of contractors so they tender our jobs.” asserts Tim
Tim is also proud of Triad as it is the only architectural firm that has gone corporate hence the succession program. He will be retiring as a director this year but will remain the consultant for the firm.

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