Dubai Frame

The newest landmark in Dubai has been opened to the public as a New Year gift. Introducing theĀ Dubai FrameĀ . Dubai Frame is one of the...

The Kibera Hamlets School

Kenya is a place where long entrenched cultural traditions interact with the fervor of urban modernization. Both in the heart of Nairobi, and at...


Arch. Ngure Kairu

Meet one of the pioneers of the architectural field in the country. Arch. Ngure Kairu. His story and involvement is at the core of...



Post-production effects for your renders

As the beginning of the year you will be making a couple of project presentations to potential clients or showcasing various ideas for different...

Baga Nimba – A review of African art

Seated on my couch on Mashujaa day evening, (perhaps because of the lovely display of African/Kenyan music and culture during the Nyayo stadium celebrations...

Mombasa City Vision 2035

The Mombasa SGR Terminus
Mombasa is a lovely place to visit. The history of the city is well known by many and its most famous export, Swahili, is...

The Roof Diary – Roof Ventilation

roof ventilation
A few days ago, a home owner discovered that their roof was turning into a sauna a discovery that made them quite unhappy. For...