Toyota academy Kenya.

Building an academic facility is not often a complicated task. But when the requirements are doubled with suiting executive corporate spaces in a training...

Lansdowne Centre Karen.

Aleem Manji Architects were posed with an interesting deviation from the firm’s typical style of design largely inspired by principles of modern architecture when...


Patrick Edward Kanyue

Seventy years later, Architect Patrick Edward Kanyue is not the typical retired professional who is often too oblivious of the trends and dynamics in...

Musau kimeu

James Gitoho

Urko Sanchez

Aidah Njeri Munano



App review – Sketch Up.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane back to your kindergarten days. Do you remember playing with plasticine ? Do you remember modelling whatever...

Websites for Architects

Over the last couple of weeks, we've been compiling a database of architectural projects that could possibly be featured in this magazine. We searched...

Landscape Design for a Sustainable Neighbourhood – Samuel Kerongo

A sustainable neighbourhood is one that has value as a place to live over many generations. This entails four key areas: safer streets and...

App review : Lumion

We are very happy to introduce a new segment to you, our readers. We are debuting a technology review section where we will be...