The Morphosis Campus in Syokimau

Self-inspired by the minimally partitioned spaces, recreation facilities including a swimming pool, a gym, a lounge, a restaurant, a library, pool table deck and...

Saruni Samburu safari lodge

Surrounded by pure wilderness, the Saruni Samburu Safari lodge is an ecological marvel sitting at the heart of Kalama Wildlife Conservancy, on the hot...


Arch. Shamla Fernandes

While there is still a lot of progress that needs to be made to achieve gender equality within the profession, women have and continue to,...



You need to spend more time in a Jacuzzi

The most popular worldwide term for a whirlpool is a Jacuzzi. In other terms, a tub which contains hot water with temperatures of between...

The application of Universal Design principles for developing countries

In developing countries such as Kenya, people with disabilities face several challenges in their physical environment, limiting them from fully participating in their educational,...

Architravel – Guangzhou

Guangzhou Airport
You reach Guangzhou or Canton as it is otherwise called, 12 hours after you leave Nairobi. It is one of the longest direct flights...

Can we make bamboo a sustainable alternative ?

Bamboos are a group of both woody and herbaceous plants in the grass family that are classified as non-wood or non-timber forest products. They...