Dubai Frame

The newest landmark in Dubai has been opened to the public as a New Year gift. Introducing the Dubai Frame . Dubai Frame is one of the...

The Kibera Hamlets School

Kenya is a place where long entrenched cultural traditions interact with the fervor of urban modernization. Both in the heart of Nairobi, and at...


Arch. Steven Oundo

Call him a pioneer. Talk of an alpha in all spheres of life – at school, as a professional and in matters of leadership...

Arch. Phillip Kungu

Arch. Ngure Kairu

Arch. Tim Vaulkhard

Arch. Tim Vaulkhard

Arch. Shamla Fernandes



What is wrong with Architecture ?

One of the greatest fathers of modern architecture, Alvar Aalto, gained work experience under the architect Salervo who advised young Alvar that he would...

Post-production effects for your renders

As the beginning of the year you will be making a couple of project presentations to potential clients or showcasing various ideas for different...

Baga Nimba – A review of African art

Seated on my couch on Mashujaa day evening, (perhaps because of the lovely display of African/Kenyan music and culture during the Nyayo stadium celebrations...

Mombasa City Vision 2035

The Mombasa SGR Terminus
Mombasa is a lovely place to visit. The history of the city is well known by many and its most famous export, Swahili, is...