Triad at 50 – Celebrating 50 Years of Professional Excellence

Triad at 50 – Celebrating 50 Years of Professional Excellence


The Nairobi Business Park

00 NBP

The Jockey Club of Kenya, owners of the 400 acre land along Ngong road decided to diversify their land use by restructuring their land portfolio and as a result the office block was developed. Offices were designed around a standard modular unit of a core and the two wings. The standard core element comprises of WCā€™s, reception area and circulation. The two wings vary in size from a minimum of 400 sqm to 600 sqm per floor and the design permits flexible usage of this space. A key element of the project was an effective site IT system using fibre optic cables between the offices and linking through on site exchange to ground and satellite delivery portals. The project was completed in 2003.

British Council Nairobi

It was a joint project between Triad Architects Nairobi and Squire and Partners of London, an appointment by the British Council who are known to commission high quality architecture. The building is a showcase for British culture and such high quality design and finish was paramount. Triad worked with Squires as the lead designers to develop the design and implement the project. It was completed in 2003.

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