Ecological Solutions for the Bathroom of the Future

Ecological Solutions for the Bathroom of the Future


When it comes to water saving features, end-users of sanitary fittings are only now beginning to take note of what is already available in the market. However, project developers and others involved in large scale construction ventures, in the hospitality sector in particular, have been ahead of the pack in taking efficient water use into consideration – partly because of the impact it has on running costs and utility bills.

Most leading global producers of sanitary fittings – faucets, shower systems, flushing mechanisms, etc. – are offering some form of water saving capabilities, but there are few brands that have gone as far as GROHE. The company has been in the business of efficient water handling for several decades, long before environmental consciousness became fashionable. And its capabilities are backed up by over seven decades of research and development. This has resulted in specific water saving technologies implemented across its range of products.

Consider this: Ecological sanitary fittings solutions from this German company are tagged with the GROHE EcoJoy ™ motif. Those with special emphasis on water saving are also labelled with the GROHE WaterCare logo.


Translated into user features, their sophisticated designs of selected single-lever mixers and showers also been made even smarter, integrating water-saving technologies that restrict flow rates (to as little as 5.8l/min on some models), allowing end-users to reduce water and energy consumption without sacrificing on performance or design, or user experience.

Take GROHE single-lever mixers: on selected models, integrated technology automatically reduces water consumption by up to 50% compared to standard rates every time the tap is turned on, yet still ensures that same perfect flow.

Image converted using ifftoany
Image converted using ifftoany

With GROHE showers, for the end-user’s perfect shower experience, a built-in technology effortlessly saves up to 68% of water on selected models, while delivering all the features and performance that discerning publics across the world have come to expect from the brand.

In markets where it is present, GROHE makes it a point to support water conservation initiatives. In Kenya, for instance, it is a supporter of the Rhino Charge, sponsoring one of the participating teams: The Fat Rhinos…


The Rhino Charge would easily classify as one of the most extreme automobile rallies in the world, if not the most. It is dedicated to the conservation of the Aberdare Mountain Range, which rise just south of the Equator and are one of the most vital water catchment areas on the African continent. They feed the entire local and Nairobi water supply and provide the headwaters of four of Kenya’s seven major rivers.

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Image converted using ifftoany

Therefore, protecting the Aberdares is akin to protecting the lifeblood of the country. GROHE cares for the countries where it is present.

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