Scan through AAK Strategic Plan 2018 – 2023

Scan through AAK Strategic Plan 2018 – 2023


The Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) has unveiled its strategic plan for the next 5 years with its core agenda mounted onto promoting integrity and professionalism in the built and natural environment.

Over the past strategic period (2013 – 2018), the Association made great strides through a five-fold agenda anchored on relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability.

Organisational development, licensing of regulated professionals, overhaul on Development Control Frameworks in partnership with business advisory fund, realisation of the cross border mutual recognition agreement through negotiation with other Associations and regulatory boards in East African Community were the key achievements under the previous strategic plan.

A SCOT analysis undertaken during the implementation period 2013 – 2018 presented a basis for the new plan. Over the next 5 years, the Association plans to institute ‘change action’ in key thematic areas including; research and advocacy, communication and membership services, partnership development and network building, profession capacity building and development, finance, administration and human resource development.

  • The research and advocacy pillar will focus on new technologies, solution-focused policy and regulatory environment, individual profession and professionals, occupational standards, documentation and publishing of related literature.
  • Communication and membership services will include public awareness, national heritage, membership and membership welfare as well as regulatory framework.
  • Partnership development and network building is to involve affiliation with other like-minded professional bodies nationally and internationally, liaison with government and regulatory agencies, network with donors and carry out income generating activities.
  • Chapter and Branch Capacity development will feature membership drive, membership awareness programs, training and practice in the profession, profession development and education programs.
  • Finance, Administration & Human Resource development will cover financial management headed by a finance manager. All administrative roles and management of the chapter staff is to be done through a Human resource manager.

The 5-change action shall be framed around BECOMING and BELONGING to AAK for the members and associate professionals. The idea is to develop ways that support professionals to become active, visible and valuable members of the Kenyan society and the region at large. This is through an array of relationships, diversity, accessibility and inclusion, aimed at providing meaning and connection to all; from students to graduates to fellow membership categories.

Through this plan, the Association hopes to develop and grow a loyal membership base, enhance internal & external communication, strengthen regulation & promote professionalism in the industry, enhance research & knowledge to inform the public policy, promote evidence based advocacy, sound finance management systems and improve human resource management for high quality service delivery to customers.

Each goal is powered by a strategic pillar on which it shall be delivered over the duration of the next 5 years (2018-2023), including but not limited to capacity, partnership and network building.


AAK is a corporate body coordinating professionals engaged in the built and natural environment incorporating but not limited to professions in Architecture, Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Town Planning, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Design Consultancy and Construction Project management.

The Association was founded in 1967 under the Societies Act specifically to promote professional development, education, public awareness and the protection of built environment and natural heritage. The mandate is guided by principles of good governance, integrity, professionalism & innovation and collaboration.




  1. Thank you for communicating this. As upcoming professionals under AAK,we are glad to know that the association is making efforts for growth in this industry.

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