PG BISON (Kenya) Ltd in partnership with Blum (Austria) on Thursday 28th September 2018 hosted a cocktail event in a bid to create awareness to their wide range of products as well as introduce their new products to the market.

PG Bison MD Hitesh Mediratta (right) dispalys to the Chairman, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry Kiprono Kittony (left) some of the products offered by PG Bison.

The event, which attracted various professionals in the building and construction industry, involved a tour of their showroom with locally manufactured products ranging from wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and beds.

Inspired by the need to create designs and finishes that will work best for home owners, PG BISON and Blum conducted a worldwide research in different kitchen setups ranging from Austria to South Africa and their findings were that most home owners were not satisfied by their home setups.

The research has led to the introduction of the wide range of wood colors by PG BISON (Kenya) Ltd to enable home owners enjoy their own space. The colors were motivated by quite a number of factors which include the natural environment, urban trends, feeling of sensation and exploration.

Fittings with the petrol blue color finish, launched during the roadshow

Natural: The goal was to provide a natural feel of the environment in the house by offering a gentler environment that has shades of nature. It is stain resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. The colors that come out of this feel include White Onyx, Neutral Concrete , Treviso, Congo ( In linear and peen) Calais, Treviso, Brook hill ( In fusion) Cygnus( in gloss) Haven ( in fusion) and Locker port ( in linear).

Urban: Inspired by modernity PG BISON found that life is perfectly captured in darker color shades and surprising prints. In that order, they have introduced  colors like Tucana ( In gloss) , Petrol blue( in linear and peen) Napoca, Cosmos Prima, Glacier white, Congo( in linear and peen), haven( in fusion)  Napoca, Vence ( in fusion) , Aquila ( in gloss) storm grey and evening prima.

Sensual: Lighter shades often provide a more relaxing environment and simplicity. The essence here was to drive away complexities of life and create a simpler space to enable home owners to enjoy calmness. Some of the colors in this range include: Grayx onyx, Congo (in linear and peen) Arden (in natural touch) Astana among many others.

Explorer: These colors came as result of beautiful memories that human being make in their day to day lives which include Cocoa prima, Astana, Cambridge, Napoca, white onyx and carina.

To make a much cozier home characterized by simple workflow, optimal room utilization and enhanced motion, Blum their official partners, have introduced fittings that will complement the PG Bison range of products.

Attendees of the roadshow get a feel of the blum fittings

Introduction of lift systems, hinges and pullouts creates conveniences to the end user. Pullouts make it much easy for home owners because a light touch is enough to open kitchen drawers and bedroom closets effortlessly and so is closing .The lift ups reduces the rates of household accidents.

Those in attendance got an opportunity to interact with PG Bison staff who were able to share ideas on how to mix and match their working space the goal being to create a feeling of satisfaction.

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