iFLUX LED lighting products for Hotels

iFLUX LED lighting products for Hotels


What does light mean to a hotel? It can mean everything, whether for international chain hotel or personal family inn. The right lighting can make guests feel at home, provide a warm and comfortable stay experience, create a pleasant warm environment, make them relax, and help further attract more customers. What’s more, with ever rising cost of energy, lighting system takes up a better part of administration cost.

iFLUX  has introduced different kinds of cost-effective LED lighting products with sleek appearance, clever design and multiple usage. Not only can they evoke a good atmosphere and leave an unforgettable experience for every guest, but also can significantly reduce energy costs.

Each area of a hotel has its own unique functions and features, so that each area demands different lighting products and specifications.

Outdoor lighting

Lighting of outdoor area of a hotel should be attractive and beautiful. There is no doubt that lighting design plays an important role to display the architecture itself. Also, it can help attract guests to stay or eat. All in all, a unique lighting design will be very helpful for a hotel.


iFLUX LED underground light has a rich and beautiful color, and can change into many different colors and patterns. It can be widely used in parks, gardens and external building lighting to help them look more beautiful and attractive. iFLUX LED underground light, made of high-purity aluminum alloy material, has good performance of waterproof, dustproof.

Lobby and reception lighting

Bright reception brings a warm and friendly feel to guests. The lobby and the reception are the core of a hotel. The reception is the first place where guests feel the hotel service. A bright and spacious reception area gives the hotel a good image to its clientele. It’s necessary that lighting in this area create a friendly and comfortable ambience to make the guests to feel at home, and also enable to show their faces more vividly.


iFLUX LED down light emits natural, even, bright and glare-free light to create a good atmosphere. Its structure can perfectly fit the style of the hotel architecture. With the advantages of high efficiency and low cost, LED down light is an ideal alternative of low-voltage halogen lamp.

Room lighting

Comfortable room lighting is usually the first choice for guests. With a flexible lighting system, it’s able to create a personalized experience for guests, whether they stay for business, leisure or convenience purpose.


iFLUX LED spot light, with its high energy-saving rate and extra long lifespan, is a perfect choice for a guest room.

Meeting room lighting

Use lights to promote communication and increase attention. Meeting rooms in hotels need to apply appropriate lighting system to improve the utilization of conference facilities. The two main requirements are: to promote communication and increase attention. Besides, it’s also important for the lights to evenly brighten the entire meeting space, including walls and ceilings.


iFLUX LED panel light, with beautiful and simple design, can provide both good lighting effects and the feeling of beauty. The light effect of iFLUX LED panel is even, soft and comfortable yet bright, can effectively relieve eye fatigue.

With a comprehensive product portfolio, including indoor lights, outdoor lights, portable lamps and rechargeable system, and so on, iFLUX can be used in various occasions and places.

What’s more, iFLUX LED lighting products, with elegant and unique design, have the advantages of low power consumption, long work time, easy installation and especially free after-sales service during warranty period.

So what do you need for hotel lighting? The answer should be iFLUX.

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