Transforming outdoor spaces with Corradi rectractable roof technology

Transforming outdoor spaces with Corradi rectractable roof technology


A convenient, custom-made and innovative architectural solution for every outdoor space

Africa is blessed with fantastic weather. With long summers, and warm sunshine all day long. We love nature walks, open air concerts, our gardens, and of course a good barbecue on the patio – one of the most important living spaces in our homes. And this (the patio) is where the new revolution has been happening for some time now, where the latest trend is turning your home into a smart home. Smart doesn’t necessarily mean ‘expensive,’ but rather simplifying the control and operation of electronics in your house using technology. This technology can be taken outside your house. Now you can decide to be indoors or outdoors with the simple press of a button, no matter the weather conditions.

Gone are the days of plastics and synthetics bought from the local chain-store. We can be a surprisingly stylish bunch, so lately, the outdoor area needs to be just as well dressed as the adjacent entertainment lounge or living room with its splashes of luxury.

Fortunately, there are now a number of local and international businesses who have moved into the manufacture and supply of suitable outdoor shading structures and furniture to satisfy even the most discerning tastes. There’s some really beautiful and creative outdoorsy things to be found, if you do a little “Sherlock-ing”. For real style, you will be hard pressed to beat the Italians (is Milan not the traditional trend- and fashion capital of the world?), so be certain to look at some Italian designs before making your final decisions on your outdoor living space.

One such company is Corradi, an awning design and manufacturing concern out of Bologna, Italy, who has been in business since 1978, and who is considered the undisputed world leader in their business.

Interestingly, the Corradi brothers are original inventors of the retractable canvas roof, the Pergotenda®, which is a patented, retractable covering system that combines innovative materials, cutting edge technology and superior design-elements, to provide protection against the elements in any season. Each structure is custom designed and manufactured according to specification by a highly qualified team. Pergotenda® provides true versatility that will fit in with any architectural style, from classical to contemporary, in the innovative use of aluminum or wood, available in more than 200 colours, anchored to a wall or self-standing, flat or tilted. You can also choose to have this outdoor pergola constructed with the perimeter sides open or closed (with automated blinds or aluminium glass doors).

Corradi also has a very serious Italian design pedigree, with the well-known Architect Gianluca Rossi in charge of design, who also happens to hold the creative reigns for the Marazzi Group, famous for the Marazzi range of exquisite Italian tiles. Gianluca has worked with the likes of Paola Lenti, Bessetti Studios, Giorgio Armani and others. It is no wonder that Corradi is considered a leader in the design of exquisite outdoor living spaces.

As a result, Corradi installations grace homes, restaurants, hotels, and resorts across the globe, from Milan to Moscow, London to New York, Sydney, Nairobi, Lagos, Cape Town, Monte Carlo…. and the list goes on. There are obviously many serious clients who agree that Corradi is a first choice in the design and supply of upmarket shade structures.

Through their local dealer Proshade Kenya LtdCorradi provides custom made outdoor solutions, tailoring the designs to the client’s specific needs, with great attention to detail and specific specialisation in both the private home sector as well as the commercial and hospitality sector. Hence, it is understandable that Corradi compares itself to an Outdoor Alchemist, tinkering and fussing, adding a bit of this and a bit of that, shaving here and skimming there – until everything is just right.

Typical of the Italian mindset, it is clear that Corradi believes that beauty is a must in the design process. However, Corradi is very strongly focused on not only designing beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces, but in addition, functionality remains a prime element in the design. This ensures that Corradi spaces do not only look beautiful, but also meet the needs of each client, ensuring maximum enjoyment of the great outdoors.

However, the vision of introducing this amazing product range to the local market, and the sure knowledge that Proshade would be selling a product that is the best of its kind anywhere in the world, provided the motivation to persevere and succeed.

Consequently, Proshade Kenya Ltd was started some 2 years ago as an authorized dealer for Corradi Srl, which means that East Africa now also rightfully has local access to Corradi products, not to mention Proshade having completed some outstanding Corradi projects in a few other countries in Africa during this short time.

Brew Bistro Lounge & Rooftop in Westlands, Nairobi

In addition to their Corradi dealership, Proshade provides a number of other solutions for both the commercial and domestic outdoor market. This includes fabric tensile structures, shade sails, carports, patio umbrellas and other fixed awnings.

Corradi Showroom in Nairobi

Proshade is also very excited about its new showroom. Several Corradi roof designs on display and there is certain confidence that once a client sees the beauty, high quality and attention to detail that Corradi roofs show, there would not be much doubt about the value such a structure would provide in terms of an investment in their property. This holds true for domestic as well as commercial applications.

For hotels and restaurants, Corradi brings a new dimension. Not only does a Corradi structure bring prestige to such an establishment, it also provides an excellent return on investment. For pubs and restaurants it is important to fill every available seat in the house, as this is what generates revenue. With a Corradi retractable roof structure covering the outdoor area, the seats in such an area is never lost as a result of poor weather conditions, hence the potential of each seat to generate income is not lost. And as for domestic application, Corradi roofs not only give your home new boundaries, they also bring about a wow-factor and added value.

Additionally, Proshade has the advantage, through its collaboration with Corradi, to tap into the vast experience of a company who has provided bespoke outdoor solutions in the HORECA industry for many, many years. Some of the most prestigious hotel brands have made use of Corradi’s exceptional services and products over the years, providing the kind of experience and know-how that can only be earned, not bought.

Proshade Kenya Ltd brings life to your outdoor space with one touch. For further information, please contact Proshade Kenya Ltd via

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