Machakos City Masterplan

Machakos City Masterplan


Machakos County Governor, Dr. Alfred Mutua, has launched a master-plan for Machakos City.

The city has been planned on 500 acres of land that have been hived off some 4,000 acres of land, formerly belonging to the council, which has been lying idle.

The city, that comes complete with a Central Business District, will have among others, a very large green open area for parks, government offices, community facilities, an area reserved for educational facilities, a mix of low, medium and high density residential areas and an industrial park.

The plan has also provided for a fully fledged sports city and a tourism and conferencing belt.

The city, when complete, is expected to be a host to modern shopping malls, stadiums that can play host to international games, attractive hotels and lodges, a man made lake, highrise and low rise commercial office buildings, high quality homes and an international airport.

Local and international investors have already shown interest in Machakos County.

Below is a series of images presenting the various sections of the master-plan.

Location of site
Location of site
Site photo of proposed city location
Site photo of proposed city location
Close up of proposal
Close up of proposal
The masterplan
The masterplan


The governors office - government area
The governors office – government area
Parks and recreation
Sports - Golf
Sports – Golf
More residential
Community - Public
Community – Public
Open space, parks and recreation
Open space, parks and recreation
Artists Impression
Artists Impression













  1. OMG… this looks really terrible… building a neo neo neo classical city. Where is the integrity, where is the quality, where is the vision? this is redoing everything that is sleazy and boring!

  2. This is really shallow, irresponsible stuff. Copy & pasting a random potpourri of holiday pictures and then just throwing it out there gratuitously and in the name of aggrandisement does not constitute planning in any sense of the word. Where is the referral to a proper publication? Who with what genuine professional training and experience authored this? Where is the evidence of an inclusive planning process? An integrated political process? The detailed addressal of pressing future issues regarding sustainable economics, mobility, energy, environment, social and communal politics and policies? There's the busiest E. African international airport 20 miles up the road – how is that meant to work out? Etc. etc. etc………

    • ngeso, there is nothing wrong with dreaming after all it's just an artistic impression, definately, it will need more than architects and town planners to make it sustainable, like good governance and town management…..but as they say experience is the best teacher…..

    • Albert, I disagree. Lately I've been reading a lot about "dreaming" this and that in conjunction with projections Kenyans make about the future. I think this is self-deceptive, lazy and ultimately irresponsible. Planning is about giving content and structure to a credible vision. Dreaming is for dilletantes.

  3. last time I checked, that county did not have even enough portable water for it population. so am left to wonder, where will the extra water for making man made lakes and leafy green suburbs come from?

  4. you piss off most Kenyans who are optimistic about developments and building of a wonderful nation Kenya. People like you dont deserve an opportunity for living since they dont have vision. Be happy for those persons that are different and cute minds. Pity you with your coming from!!!!…………

  5. we like the Israelites have a great appreciation of our God given geographical regions, we live by faith and not by sight. pity you

  6. "Truly we are in a new generation, a generation where people should be able to initiate plans of their own; be very proactive and make a better a change.
    Let whatever you do have a positive and direct effect on the people around you so that in your absence they will feel the impact DR YOU ARE SMART,’’.

  7. A number of the stuff are unrealistic, like the F1 track….but who cares. we dare to dream. Dubai has created land from the sea. Israel has grown crops from the rocks. Who said we only have to do mediocre stuff? We dare to take risks, fail or succeed, we will be better off than those who did not attempt…go machako gooooooooooo

  8. A good start and the thinking is in the right place! I think the plan could have a vision to accommodate populations upwards of 10 million persons to begin with. Policies that discourage holding of land capital for speculative purposes will also be most needed.

  9. And over 6 years later, there’s no sign to show that any of these promises by Gvnr Alfred Mutua is ever going to take place!
    This man was once considered the most brilliant governor in Kenya. Anyone still believes such??

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