Jumbo Chem (K) Ltd Offers Innovative Solutions to the Building Industry

Jumbo Chem (K) Ltd Offers Innovative Solutions to the Building Industry


Sustainable ‘green’ architecture has become a growing trend in Kenyan and global building design spheres.

Green architecture calls for buildings that are able to maintain themselves and create conditions of human comfort through sustainable product solutions.

When buildings are done in this manner, they are able to create comfortable internal environment in a cost- friendly manner.

Some of the key factors that would affect the comfort of an internal space include unbearable temperatures (heat/cold) and noise levels. These would always pose a problem making spaces unusable.

Architects have, for a long time, attempted to solve these problems primarily through the use of artificial systems such as air conditioning. This has however resulted in great increases in the building’s continuous energy input and a considerable decrease in the eco-system balance.

Jumbo Chem (K) Ltd has stepped in to offer innovative solutions with a product range that aims at achieving sustainable building practices in insulation.

The JUMBOLENE brand comprises of heat, sound and impact insulation products as well as expansion joint fillers, Damp Proof Membrane, Kitchen Top and Floor Underlays and packaging materials.

Jumbo Chem (K) Ltd is dedicated to the development and production of quality products to meet international standards and achieve complete customer satisfaction.

“JUMBOLENE products are produced using the latest state-of-the art technology from Korea to ensure quality, environmentally friendly building solutions, “says Mr. Michael Bodo, General Manager, Jumbo Chem (K) Ltd.

The BUILDesign magazine will in the coming issues feature the range of products offered by Jumbo Chem (K) Ltd in detail beginning with their thermal insulation offering for the roofs, walls and solutions for cold rooms.

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