Southern Sudan treading some Crazy Grounds in Urban Design

Southern Sudan treading some Crazy Grounds in Urban Design


Sudan has unveiled plans to redesign a number of its cities into the shape of animals. The southern capital of Juba – reportedly one of the fastest growing cities in the world, is to be relocated and restructured into the shape of a rhinoceros, with the city’s regional president taking up office in the ‘beast’s eye.’

Wau – the capital of the south-westerly state of West Bahr al Ghazal, will be shuffled around to create a giraffe, it’s sewerage-treatment plant sitting aptly beneath the tail.  The town of Yambio is also up for a re-structure but unlike the other cities, it’s set to become a pineapple.

Aiming to mimic the area’s flag, the ten-billion-dollar plan currently  is not definite, with Southern Sudan still to raise funds for the project.

Source: PSFK

BBC Africa Reports below:

The reason for these shapes is not entirely illogical – they match the symbols that appear on the flags of southern Sudan’s states.

But how will the authorities raise the $10bn they say they need to make this plan a reality? They say they are talking to investors but it is all a bit vague. Although there is plenty of oil in southern Sudan, people there are extremely poor. The United Nations says more than 90% of the population lives on less than a dollar a day. The plans for the new cities perhaps reflect the heady optimism of a potential new independent South Sudan, but whether they will ever get beyond the drawing board is another matter.


  1. The plan is ambitious yes but investors have confidence with the potential economic boom in south sudan i work in south sudan and i have met the undersecretary pictured above he has done alot in his previous portfolio so this is not a pipe dream investors are willing to finace such mega project in south sudan and its the only country in Africa with a luxury of designing their cities without limitations of existing master plans from the colonial regimes thats why they can start from scratch with any town and make it what they want it to be i believe its achievable if the right investing enviroment is put in place they will have investors wanting a piece of the pie and eventualy have one of the best planed cities in Africa.

  2. Hey,

    Lets do this, and keeping in mind animals live in the forest it would go a long way in also conserving the country’s beautiful ecosystem. it may cost some extra quid but lets work this …within environmental limits never seen in other countries in Africa…


  3. that is definitely very nice in terms of planning and urban design. It will be interesting however to see what kind structures come up and whether they will take the concept of the animals into 3D. I’m also just wondering why the animal forms could not be abstracted a bit?

  4. This are great urban planning ideas, and i hope the building designers will formulate concepts that compliment the whole planning idea. I only fail to undertsnd those road junctions. It will be sad to have them as round abouts when they have miserably failed in Nairobi. I think they need to thing fly-overs at this stage. Otherwise, cool concept.

  5. This is an absolutely terrible idea. It leaves no room for growth and undermines the natural growth and form of a successful city. What happens 50 years down the line when the city’s population expands? Will these animal shapes grow an extra arm or leg? Or start having babies to accommodate the extra space needed? The only way these ridiculous shapes will be experienced is from the air, while the people actually living in the city are inconvenienced. Sounds more like a practical joke to me.

    • This is urban design and real actualization of all this will be achieved.The design has in mind of city’s growth through carefully formulated design concepts with room for expansion in future.

  6. My exact sentiments Critic. Be it planning as they may call it, i am convinced they are fascinated by the abundance of land in their city and the desire to explore. well, that is art. However, cities grow and this is what their urban design should focus on. when the population doubles, will the giraffe have another young giraffe inside it or what??? How does the design adapt to the topography of the land?
    And finally, who shall realise that the plans are in the shape of a giraffe anyway…apart from God? That is if he lives above, hehe

  7. this is really terrible , my view as an architect i think this is the worst i have seen .Its suicide to architecture .How will you experience maybe you provide pairs of wings to its occupants to fly above it in order to experience it. Its a practical joke to me .Boooooooo to the architect who did this letting us down..

  8. I hope this is not going to be implemented, because its mundane, sarcastic and retrogressive! No cities in the world ever grow in the shape of animals, no landscape terrain conform to those animals and what the other critics are raising are genuine concerns for expansion, infrastructure. And for the investors hope your lot does not fall where we have the animal’s ass! Some free advise to our SUD brothers; just look at how the landscape is behaving and create your beautiful cities!

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