Rosewood Furniture offers Office Furniture Solutions in Kenya

Rosewood Furniture offers Office Furniture Solutions in Kenya

By Tej Patel, Brand Manager at Rosewood Furniture Ltd. He can be reached on email through or telephone +254 700 217 545


Rosewood furniture prides itself as a leading bespoke office furniture manufacturer. When you contact us, we will not just sell you furniture but we will guide you from the design stage right through to installation whilst keeping to the constraints of your needs, scope, time and budget. Our team of sales, dispatch and service professionals all work to deliver a hassle free furniture solution for any workplace.

Any project involving bespoke office furniture comes down to the quality of the initial site survey. Our team will always take the same approach, whether we are tackling refurbishment of an existing office or fitting out a new office. Our services have evolved over the years and are able to cope with any office furniture project.

After the survey, we would ask a few questions about the space to familiarize ourselves with your brief. We learn what you need and tailor make the perfect workspace for you. We then create a scale layout to give you a graphical and numerical impression of how your workplace will look and cost with our proposed furniture solution.

As we develop the solutions, there are key considerations that we look at and ensure that they are captured in our proposals.

Storage is always one important area when we propose furniture for the workplace. Clients would always look for and appreciate extra storage space, and we always strive to provide it within the furniture we manufacture. Getting the amount of storage right helps to improve the overall functionality of our furniture and appearance of the room itself which becomes tidier and easier to clean and maintain.

Information Technology is the most important aspect of the current workplace. Our furniture places the workstations in the best location in relation to the users and provides a flexible assembly that enables the user to adjust the location of the workstation to suit their personal preferences.

Comfort of the user is also key. Our furniture has taken into consideration all anthropometrics of the users to eliminate strain while they use the furniture. The fabric and cushioning has been specially designed to fit the form of the human body. These come in various ranges to suit different tastes and budgets.

On completion of the manufacturing, and on agreement of the delivery date, we send our dispatch professionals to deliver the furniture and assemble it into the pre determined layout format while leaving your office clean, tidy and ready for use.

Our service engineers will be at hand to fix any minor problems that may arise during the assembly. Any faulty furniture is usually taken away to be replaced.

We are always at hand to maintain furniture that we have supplied to our clients on a separate agreement. In general, however, we advise that furniture is serviced annually to ensure peak performance and longevity.

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