Premier Water – Providing Complete Water Solutions

Premier Water – Providing Complete Water Solutions



Tap water is a rare commodity in many places in Kenya today. Availability of water however remains a significant factor to consider when purchasing or leasing a property. Due to unreliable supply by authorities, boreholes have become a popular solution to the water problem. This is where Premier Water Solutions comes in.

Drilling a borehole starts with getting all the necessary approvals from Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) and National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA). The administrative team at Premier Water Solutions is always at hand to obtain these for you.

A borehole drilling rig
A borehole drilling rig

“All you need to give us are copies of your Certificate of Incorporation or ID, PIN certificate and a title deed of the property you want to drill in. We can get you all the required approvals and permits in at least six weeks”, says Evelyn Nyamai, an Associate at Premier Water.

With vast experience in borehole drilling, Premier Water Solutions is responding to the need of conveniently accessible and affordable clean water.

According to Premier Water Solutions’ CEO Waiganjo Kamau, there is no guarantee to the quantity or quality of water. It is possible to also hit a dry well but they work on to the client satisfaction before condemning it as dry.

“While drilling some areas in Kenya can be quite challenging, Nairobi region is full of potential. Nairobi being a regional aquifer has no record of a dry borehole despite the varying quantities. It is all about the geology,” said Mr. Kamau.

Depending on the depth and geological formation, the actual drilling can take two to five days.

Retrieving the water and storing it is the next step. Premier Water Solutions offers various pumping solutions but highly recommends solar pumps due to their low maintenance costs. “The solar system has a long life expectancy of over twenty years and its technology ensures good performance even with low sunlight”, adds Mr. Kamau.


To control the pumping cost, water storage systems are essential. Premier Water Solutions fabricates Steel Tanks and can work with the client’s preferred PVC Water Tank if it meets Premier Standards. Steel Towers, Power/Control House cum Towers and Water Kiosks include some of Premier Water Solutions’ products. Water Towers are a reliable way to generate enough pressure to get the water to where one wants it. “Expect exceptional workmanship,” said Mr. Kamau.

“As a previous client and now the Sales and Marketing Manager for Premier Water Solutions, I can comfortably call on Premier Water Solutions to provide a complete line of borehole drilling options professionally. It is not just about getting the job done, the quality of our deliveries invite more prospects while our commitment to the highest standards of integrity sustain relationships with our clients. Premier Water Solutions is that ultimate one-stop center,” stated Elsie Ekabten.

Expanding its operations in Kenya, Premier Water Solutions has also drilled boreholes in Southern Sudan and Rwanda. “We believe in and have created liaisons with independent experts, professional associations, local and international companies such as Tuskys Supermarkets in Kenya that operate our Premier Water Refill Stations,” said Mr. Kamau. “These liaisons bring a pool of experts and state-of-art technologies that Premier Water Solutions draws from in providing exceptional professional services and the highest quality of clean affordable drinking water” he continued to explain.

Premier Water Solutions is located at N. Airport Rd. Warehouses, Block D, Shreeji Rd. Embakasi, Nairobi, Kenya. For more information feel free to call +254 724 238 955, +254 738 970 243 or email:


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