@GROHE: Turning Every Bathroom Into a Feel-Good Space

@GROHE: Turning Every Bathroom Into a Feel-Good Space



GROHE SPA™ Features New Forms and Functions

The world of premium bathrooms continues to evolve. Those seeking to pamper their bodies and minds with varied water treatments are now offered an even greater choice of options for transforming their bathroom into a personal spa. For an even more relaxing experience, greater well-being and pleasurable water experience all round, GROHE has added a number of exciting new products to its GROHE SPA™ range.


GROHE SPA™ means maximising your bathroom’s potential by creating a carefully customised wellness oasis which can be adapted to the shape of the room and also tailored to your personal needs and preferences. To make the most of the available space, it is recommended that the bathroom is divided into four zones:

The Preparation Zone around the washbasin is used for cleansing and getting ready for the day.

In contrast, the Rejuvenation Zone centres on the shower which refreshes and revitalises the body.

The bathtub forms the centre of the Relaxation Zone where people can relax their bodies and minds.

Space permitting, it is a good idea to designate an additional Recreation Zone with a reclining chair or a chaise longue.


A bathroom layout providing for these zones will create a personalised environment which appeals to all the senses and delivers unique experiences – right at home, around the clock and at any occasion.

Flowing forms

GROHE SPA™ leaves no wish unanswered when it comes to outfitting and accessorising a dream bathroom. The first decision to be taken relates to the design style. GROHE SPA™ faucets and fittings come in lozenge, square and round design styles for all areas of the bathroom, and many items in the range can be combined to create stylishly coordinated environments.


Customised and highly functional solutions

Whatever look is preferred, matching GROHE SPA™ water fittings are available to complement any bathroom. From exposed to concealed fittings, from single-lever mixers to two-handle faucets, from mechanical to digital controls, from wall-mounted to free-standing fillers, from coloured to chrome-plated finishes – the variety offered by GROHE SPA™ allows for a totally personalised solution. This is true not only for the faucets but also for the showers. Hand sprays, body sprays, overhead showers and ceiling-mounted showers, waterfall spouts, shower sets and shower systems with thermostats are just some of the many different options to choose from when creating a fully personalised shower space.


Variety is also what GROHE Power&Soul™ is all about. This line of showers features a convenient spray pattern selector on the back of the shower face. Simply push a button to select one of four spray patterns or one of seven possible mixed patterns to switch from a caressing to a bubbly shower, from a stress relieving to a massaging treatment. A highlight of German engineering is the GROHE Bokoma Spray™ which projects a contracting and expanding circular spray pattern onto the skin for a particularly relaxing shower experience. Showering has never been this enjoyable.

Personalised wellness treatments can be created using GROHE SPA™ F-digital Deluxe – from Chromatherapy based on coloured lighting to suit the mood of the moment to Aquatherapy using steam for gentle skin cleansing, to Audiotherapy providing musical accompaniment or a natural sound ambiance. A docking station with an Apple iPod Touch 4G connection permits easy control of all module functions – i.e. coloured and dimmable LED lights, music and the intensity of steam – using the GROHE SPA™ app.

GROHE SPA™ is now more personalised than ever.

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