Where to find BUILDesign Magazine

Where to find BUILDesign Magazine


Most of our readers have been asking where they can find BUILDesign Magazine for purchase. These are the ones who either did not possess post office boxes and could not then buy and receive by post.

We listened to you and partnered with Jetsam Distribution Ltd to ensure that you can now find BUILDesign Magazine conveniently at a shop or store near you.

The following list of stores stock the magazine. We shall be expanding it to ensure that in the coming days, it is much easier and more convenient to find BUILDesign magazine wherever you are.

  • All Nakumatts
  • All Chandaranas
  • Bookstop – Yaya
  • Text Book Centre (TBC) Galleria
  • TBC – Sarit
  • TBC – TRM
  • Text Book City Capital Centre
  • Yogi Kiosk – Adjacent to KPLC Bldg Nbi
  • Silver Spring Gift Shop
  • Boma Hotel
  • All Times – Village Market
  • Muthaiga Mini – JKIA
  • Muthaiga Mini Market, Westlands – Limuru Raod
  • Total Ridgeways – Westlands
  • Double Touch Ltd – Peponi Shopping Centre, Westlands
  • Spring Valley Fuel Service Centre – Lower Kabete
  • Irumbis Enterprises – Limuru Road; Total Service Station Westlands
  • Orion Pharmacy – Mobil Plaza
  • Soneli Enterprise – Shell, Mt. View Waiyaki Way
  • Yuniq Travel Ltd – Nairobi Women’s Hospital
  • Puffins Ltd – Hurlinghum Shopping Centre
  • Trodden Africa – Karen Shopping Centre
  • Rosebud Enterprises Ltd – Shell Ongata Rongai
  • Nippon Business Centre – JKIA
  • New Stanley Mini Bookshop
  • Bookpoint Ltd – Moi Avenue
  • Serena Hotels – CBD Nairobi
  • New Brightstar Caltex – Waiyaki Way Westlands

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